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.Bible Mission

The mission of .BIBLE is to spur Bible engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

.BIBLE will be the trusted online source of all things Bible. It is a catalyst for innovation, conversation and the creation of Bible oriented websites, emails, apps and blogs. If the name ends with .BIBLE, you will find content positively promoting Bible engagement with the Bible.

.Bible FAQ

What is the purpose of the .BIBLE gTLD?

Why should Bible focused organizations care about the new gTLDs? How will .BIBLE help further Bible engagement on a global basis?

What drove the introduction of the New gTLDs?

When will .Bible be available for the general public to purchase?

How much will a .BIBLE domain cost?

Helping people engage with God's Word

by building an online community for All Things Bible

Imagine the possibilities: Study.BIBLE, Listen.BIBLE, YourOrg.BIBLE. This new top-level domain will open up an exciting world of digital real estate where people can engage and share God’s Word. The .BIBLE domain name helps individuals, Christian ministries, organizations, societies and publishers come together online and share the word of God by communicating All Things Bible.

Through .BIBLE we aim to create the new digital platform that promotes continued Bible engagement now and in future.

Help engage, promote and share God's word by registering your .BIBLE domain name.

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