FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is the mission of .BIBLE

The mission of .BIBLE is to spur Bible engagement, translation, innovation, and global partnerships so that all people may experience the life-changing message of the Bible.

.BIBLE will be the trusted online source of all things Bible. It is a catalyst for innovation, conversation and the creation of Bible oriented websites, emails, apps and blogs. If the name ends with .BIBLE, you will find content positively promoting Bible engagement with the Bible.

What is the purpose of the .BIBLE gTLD?

The .BIBLE TLD, is a top-level domain name that helps people, organizations and communities come together online and share the word of God by communicating all things Bible. American Bible Society´s mission is to continue to make the Bible accessible and present in people´s lives. No more current communications channel exists than the Internet and the .BIBLE domain name will enable all people, organizations and communities to identify their email addresses, websites and blogs as Bible focused. Through .BIBLE we aim to create the new digital platform that promotes continued Bible engagement now and in future.

Why should Bible focused organizations care about the new gTLDs? How will .BIBLE help further Bible engagement on a global basis?

Descriptive names have the power to make a company stand out in searches, boost its position in organic search results, and establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and a leader in a certain category. For .BIBLE it is more about creating an online community of shared values and truths, creating a platform for like minded people who have faith in the Bible, giving them a voice and acting as a point of engagement. Standing out in search results, acting as a reliable source of information is what we need in order to stay current in delivering and sharing God's word through all things Bible. .BIBLE names are more meaningful, memorable and easier for people to relate to and share Bible related content.

Will the new gTLDs actually become popular? Why do we need new domain names? We already have .Com, .Net, .Org. Will people actually change their existing names?

Most top search terms will now be available as gTLDs,  many cities will have their name such as .NYC, or .London, top global brands such as .Nike and .Google and communities who share interest and affinity such as .Horse, .Catholic, .Fishing or .Yoga, have all got new top Level Domains dedicated to their online identities. This is the beginning of a big shift in the way people identify themselves online. This is the beginning of the indexing, or verticalization of the Internet where web addresses give an indication of their content and purpose.

This change is so significant that 50% of the world´s top brands applied to run their primary Brand as a gTLD and most included multiple subsidiary brands. Big brands like Starbucks, The Gap, Delta, Dell and in particular Google (who has applied for over 100 names) will employ the new gTLD as a major strategic shift in their online strategies

What drove the introduction of the New gTLDs?

The new gTLDs are about innovation and choice. More and more of the world is coming online every day and each and everyone needs an address for their new websites, emails, blogs and even social identities. Names like Bit.ly use a country code extension to form a short and memorable web address, not because the .ly is so popular, but because people were forced to look outside of the traditional .Com for names that made sense. There is a huge need for new more meaningful name inventory. The only hurdle is consumer adoption, which, as history shows, takes a mere couple of years to change habits from an existing path to the new.

Surely if one has strong beliefs in the Bible, they already attend church and engage in this community. How would having a .Bible domain change this or enable further Bible engagement?

By making the search for anything related to the Bible easier to find and unifying Bible related content through one platform, we can help to build even stronger and connected communities through this digital platform. Interaction with the all things Bible and the people who share the same beliefs can now extend to all digital medium. .BIBLE enables an identifiable means of communicating with people, organizations and communities that associate or identify with the Bible. .BIBLE identifies and points people to a trusted and dedicated Internet name space dedicated solely to all things Bible.

When will .Bible be available for the general public to purchase?

The .BIBLE domain is anticipated to be available to the general public in March 2016.

That means anyone can register their choice of any available .BIBLE domain name.

What is .BIBLE’s timeline, i.e. when is it’s Sunrise, Landrush and general availability?

The official dates for Sunrise Period, Trademark Claims Period, and General Availability will be posted at http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/sunrise-claims-periods/bible.

How much will a .BIBLE domain cost?

Registrar.Bible (powered by Epik) is making .BIBLE domain name registrations available for an annual fee starting at $125. There will also be a selection of .BIBLE domain names available at a premium price.

Has .BIBLE done anything differently with regards to their Registry?

.BIBLE plans to partner with a wide group of registrars to provide registration services around the globe so that .BIBLE is accessible to all people in all areas of the world, as well as a dedicated Reseller site where anyone can register only .Bible names without distractions.

How will you prevent negative content or abuse in the .BIBLE namespace?

To protect .BIBLE’s reputation and the associational benefits it offers registrants and Internet consumers, we will actively promote and enforce our Acceptable Use and Abuse Prevention policies and procedures, which we believe will effectively combat improper or negative speech and online conduct. These mechanisms will help to protection of the reputation .BIBLE top level domain, its registrants, and Internet Users so as to continue to promote and support the trusted online space for Bible engagement.

The availability of the .BIBLE top-level domain will be communicated to potential users who wish to associate themselves, their thoughts, ideas and their community in a positive way with the Bible. We believe that the great majority of registrants who apply for a .BIBLE domain name will do so because of its association with the Bible and because they want to extend their reach further within the Bible community. In these ways, the .BIBLE top-level domain will facilitate a trusted online space dedicated solely to Bible engagement.

Can these new domains really take effect, can the consumer browser habits be changed?

Everything evolves, especially technology. The change in the variety of domain name availability will be the most significant upgrade that has happened to the Internet since its inception. Major Internet leaders such as Google, Amazon and many of the world´s top brands have also applied for their new gTLDs. The appearance of more relevant domain extensions will quickly become prevalent as all of these new names appear on the Internet in the next two years. .BIBLE will be one of many new gTLD serving a global community of like-minded Internet users.

How will you ensure that the target audience is aware of .BIBLE and understands it´s benefits sufficiently to show interest in the TLD and actively register it for usage on their websites and blogs?

American Bible Society has an extensive network of partners, supporters and relationships across the globe. Believers and active participants in Bible engagement are in the millions and we will actively engage in communications across all Internet platforms to ensure that the world community of people who live the Bible are informed and invited to join the online space that is .BIBLE. This communication will consist of international press outreach, pro-active partner involvement through ABS´ network of Bible Societies, publishers and Christian Ministries as well as utilizing the extensive social media networks dedicated to Bible engagement which run into the tens of millions.